Conquering Customer Complexity

in B2B

The Three-Part Recipe for Focus that Drives Results

Complimentary LIVE webinar

For Marketers and CX pros

It all starts with your customer. Who they are, how they think, and how they want to feel when they do business with you. Focus is the name of the game to truly move the needle, which can be challenging for firms in tech, financial services, energy, etc. who service multiple customer types. 


Are you dealing with... 

  • Too many audiences and personas? Most B2B firms think in terms of titles, verticals and company size -- a recipe for drowning in complexity. 
  • Ineffective personas?  Many companies are checking the box on personas without fully understanding how to build them for action or delivery against top business priorities. 
  • Ineffective marketing and sales? It may be due to a product-centric focus. Most B2B value propositions are designed from the inside out -- focusing on products and benefits rather than "what's in it for me" from the customer standpoint. 

If you're seeking simplicity and don't know where to start, you'll want to join our upcoming webinar: Conquering Customer Complexity in B2B. 

  • Fri, Aug 17, at 9:00 am

  • Tues, Aug 21, at 9:00 am

  • Fri, Aug 24, at 9:00 am

Time zone: Pacific Time (US & Canada), GMT-7

In this live webinar, you'll... 

  • Learn why one popular concept about personas is creating more problems than it solves 

  • Learn the drawbacks of buyer (versus customer) personas   

  • Learn the 3-part recipe for simplifying B2B customer complexity 

  • Learn the one crucial element that serves as the "connective tissue" across all audiences and that also drives improved results 

  • Go through a structured exercise for one part of the recipe: prioritizing account-level variables. 

Your Presenter

Jennifer Rice​ - 5x Growth Coach & Managing Director 

Jennifer is one of the few experts at the intersection of brand and customer centricity – the promise and delivery - gained working at firms like Prophet and Forrester Research. She’s served as B2B Sector Lead, CX Principal, and Senior Brand Strategist guiding firms of all sizes to greater success with customers. And she’s on a mission to democratize and simplify customer strategy so that it’s accessible by all.


Former B2B clients include Cisco, CyberSource, CenterPoint Energy, Principal Financial, Verizon, Alcatel, NCR, Monsanto, Ariba/SAP, Experian, Schneider Electric,  and more.


What Others Are Saying 

"Jennifer's approach helped us simplify our promise to our diverse customer base, and connect it to CX in a way that that was clear and actionable across the organization."

Director, Retail Product Delivery & Sales, Energy Company

"Jen's webinars are great -  the content is very rich and deeper than the "surface" level which is my biggest complaint with (other) webinars."

VP of Customer Experience, Global B2B

“Jennifer's approach helped us clarify our understanding of our most important customers and tighten our product thinking to target the highest value opportunities. It’s very useful to gain alignment.”

VP Product, High-Growth Tech Startup 


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