White Board Wednesday

A weekly program on growing businesses through customer centricity

Our first episode lays the foundation... 


...with key concepts including brand, CX, CX management, capabilities and competencies, and customer strategy. You'll find definitions below the video, and I'd love your feedback.


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Key definitions covered

  • Brand is both... an idea in the minds of your customers and prospects AND (more intentionally) a promise delivered. That promise is made by marketing and delivered by the customer experience. 

  • Customer experience is the sum of the interactions that a customer has with your company... which creates your brand perception.   

  • Customer centricity is a way of doing business that starts with your priority customer and their desired outcomes, then reverse-engineering your experience, capabilities, competencies and culture in order to deliver that outcome.  

  • Customer strategy is a plan for the entire organization to attract and keep a priority customer segment. It seamlessly encompasses brand, CX, digital, employee, partner, etc. strategies into a unified whole.  

  • Capabilities are WHAT you do. You have capabilities for specific products and services, or for specific experiences like personalization. 

  • Competencies are HOW you do business. These are linked to the concept of CX or digital maturity... ie. how systematic and pervasive are your competencies for, say, design thinking, agility, customer understanding, or customer-centric decision-making?

Your Presenter

Jennifer Rice​ - 5x Growth Coach & Managing Director 

Jennifer is one of the few experts at the intersection of brand and customer centricity – the promise and delivery - gained working at firms like Prophet and Forrester Research. She’s served as B2B Sector Lead, CX Principal, and Senior Brand Strategist guiding firms of all sizes to greater success with customers. And she’s on a mission to democratize and simplify customer strategy so that it’s accessible by all... by packaging up her experience into easy, repeatable frameworks and tools that accelerate your path to success. 


Jennifer's forte is working with companies with complex customer segments. Former clients include Cisco, CyberSource, CenterPoint Energy, Principal Financial, Verizon, Alcatel, NCR, Monsanto, Ariba/SAP, Experian, Schneider Electric,  and more.


What Others Are Saying 

"Jennifer's approach helped us simplify our promise to our diverse customer base, and connect it to CX in a way that that was clear and actionable across the organization."

Director, Retail Product Delivery & Sales, Energy Company

"Jen's webinars are great -  the content is very rich and deeper than the "surface" level which is my biggest complaint with (other) webinars."

VP of Customer Experience, Global B2B

“Jennifer's approach helped us clarify our understanding of our most important customers and tighten our product thinking to target the highest value opportunities. It’s very useful to gain alignment.”

VP Product, High-Growth Tech Startup 


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